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Lost Slayers v7.2

LAST UPDATE: March 30, 2011

So~ just a quick update to tell you that, at last, you can download screenshot packs from all the animated versions of Slayers, including the last TV seasons (sorry but not true anymore, you know what happened to MegaUpload...).

Oh, and BTW, in the last weeks and days I've opened several accounts in different networks that I'll be using for both personal matters and for the site, as Youtube, Flickr, Twitter and others. I'll specially be using the twitter account for the site (and for Slayers news) from time to time, like mentioning things that I'll add in next updates and the like, so feel free to visit it or even follow me there if you like ;)

Half-update: April 3, 2011

As I've done in the Spanish version, I've concealed a link somewhere in this version of the site, that leads to a hidden section.

Just-pretend-as-if-this-is-an-update: July 8, 2012

English version re-opened, not quite entirely yet, but I'll be working on it.

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