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Lost Slayers v7.2


Well, it should be obvious by now that the English version of the site had been, let's say... neglected a bit... during the past 6 years. Thing is, if you check the Spanish version you'll see that in fact the entire web had been updated just a few times in the past years. Didn't have much time for it, and all I could gather was going to be spent on the full version, of course.

I'd like to say that's going to change, specially since I see that the site receives a lot of visits from people that uses Google Translate to be able to browse the Spanish version. But truth is, the full version is not really complete yet. So it wouldn't be too smart to start translating sections if I already know I still have to complete, or even entirely change, said sections in the near future.

So, even I'd love to have a properly international site, that probably won't happen until the Spanish version is, at least, almost complete.

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